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Rick Leeuwestein was born in 1985 in Besançon and lives in Hoorn, the Netherlands. He studied Tourism and completed a long internship in Andalusia in 2005. During this period, he developed a great love for this unique southern Spanish region. Somewhere he was seized by a mysterious force – the soul of Al-Andalus – in this almost North-African part of Europe. Rick has a great interest in history and culture. Morocco has become a second home.


Hicham Ghalbane was born in 1983 in Eindhoven and lives in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. He grew up with the Moroccan roots of his parents from Casablanca. Hicham studied at the Graphic Lyceum in Amsterdam and developed a great passion for photography and film. He has been doing this since 2005. Hicham specializes in photographing people, landscapes and cities in the most natural way while using the latest technology. 

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