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Mohamed Ahaddaf is a great ‘ud player and musician. He was born in Tétouan and studied music at the Conservatory. In 1994 he was invited by famous musician Mohamed Ben Larbi Temsamani to join his orchestra. Three years later he began his international career under maestro Mohamed Amin El Akrami.


It was during a European tour with this group in 1997 that he first visited Amsterdam, a city he would later make his home.

Maurice Leenaars was born in Eindhoven and was mentioned in the press as the best Dutch flamenco guitarist. After he graduated from the Tilburg Conservatory he moved to Sevilla, Andalusia, in 1989. That period was and still is of great influence on his artistic and personal development.


His emotional musical compositions, his incredible technique and his ability to improvise give him a very unique and personal flamenco sound. 

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